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About Y3K Brahmans

Steve & Sharon Turner (Y3K & Wilarandy Brahmans) along with their children Alex (Y3K A Brahmans) & Carly (Y3K C Brahmans) are the founders and owner operators of this family Stud Brahman Enterprise. 

This family operation is striving to breed World Class Polled Red Brahmans backed by Integrity and honesty.

From humble beginnings 50 years ago when Steve was given a grey stud brahman female by his parents to the equal top priced red bull at RBWS 2021. 

Along the way 50 years of blood sweat and tears has gone into getting where we are today. 

Right from the beginning, naturally quiet temperament has been a major selection criteria.  From there it was about getting the rest of the mix right and we can honestly say we are nearly there. 

Y3K Brahmans About Us

Starting as Wilarandy Brahmans in 1982 co-founded by brothers Steve & David Turner, Steve’s passion for breeding stud cattle was further ignited.  Along the way Red Brahmans became part of the program. 

In 1991, Steve married Sharon and a partnership was formed that only further enhanced the passion and love for breeding quality stud cattle.  To this end Steve & Sharon formed Wilarandy S Brahmans in 1995 to concentrate on what they wanted to breed. 

Over the next decade both herds were further developed but it was decided to go with one colour so that all our efforts could be devoted in one area. 

In 2007, Wilarandy S Brahmans topped the Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale with an $80,000 red sire, Wilarandy S Branson.  At this stage, we decided to sell the last of the grey females and concentrate solely on Red Brahmans, mainly as this was the preferred path as Steve & Sharon liked the differences that Red Brahmans offered over the greys. 

The last piece of the puzzle was to buy a property they could call their own and finally be the masters of their own destiny. 

To this end Wilarandy S Brahmans was dispersed (2009) and the capital raised was to go into buying the family property. Things didn’t go as planned and it was to be a number of years before Steve & Sharon got to purchase the family farm (2018).  Anyone who loves breeding cattle would understand we couldn’t stay away from breeding cattle for that long and so Y3K Brahmans was born (2010). 

From just 3 females we have now built to a herd of some 80 females.  Along the way, with the purchase of the family farm we also purchased the last of the family animals.  Since they were Wilarandy animals and Steve was co-founder of Wilarandy way back in 1982, it was decided to keep the name and run both studs in conjunction for sentimental reasons.  

With Alex & Carly forming their own studs and following the same principles of honesty & integrity and striving for the same goals it has now become a true family enterprise and we are excited for the future.

For any inquiries please visit our Contact Us page or send Y3K Brahmans a message via Facebook

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